Why Self Care?

It is vital to take the necessary steps to invest in you and be unapologetic about it.  The journey through life doesn’t always lead us down our scripted plan. Rather, it takes us through highs, lows, creeks and valleys which are often intended to teach us something. Through this journey, we can lose our sense of self-worth and sight of who we are. Self-care isn’t a one step process, but a life-long journey; one that is intended to teach us more about ourselves and what we need. It’s an imperfect journey, but a beautiful one well worth it.

Holistic Self- Care

Focusing on holistic self-care is key when working through your journey to healing and wholeness because it necessary to address all aspects of our well-being.  Imperfectly Beautiful will address: 
1. Mental & Emotional Self- Care: Addressing mental stimulation, decluttering of the mind, and how one processes their emotions (i.e. journaling, therapy, meditation, etc.)
2. Physical Self- Care: Caring for your physical state in a way that promotes longevity. 
3. Practical Self- Care: Actionable steps taken to reduce stressful life events 
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